Sunday, September 6, 2009

Battle for Forai Gate: Turn 4, Conclusion

Defenders Turn 4


With time almost up, our options were stretched thin. The Eldar Jetbikers sped away from the enemy in the hopes that they would be able to use their Strategic Redeployment asset to rush at the last moment. For this, we would need the game to move very fast. Our movement phase was limited to that which would allow us to destroy the enemy special characters in one massive blast of doom. The Tigershark finally advanced onto the table, and just in time to grab Razgob in its sights.


Our shots consisted of any and all AP 2 and 1 weapons, as well as Destroyer strength shots firing on Razgob. In a combination play from the Pylon and Tigershark, Razgob was wiped off the table. The remainder of the Tau weaponry focused itself upon the Carnifexes, taking down one of those assaulting Forai Gate.


The Seer Council engaged Varlak, managing to take another wound off of the heretic, but was unable to finish him. The combat remained locked, as both sides awaited the result.

Attackers Turn 4


In a bid to make Strategic Redeployment work, the Eldar had left another tunnel abandoned, and the enemy poured into the city next to the Power Node. Time ticked down to a close, and with 5 minutes remaining, the Power Node being contested, Forai Gate held by neither side and the Outpost taken by the Orks, both sides agreed to let the battle be decided by the lives of the special characters.


Da (the) Vulcha, being the only thing in range of either of our special characters, elected to attempt to destroy the Valkyrie in which Commander Braxton was in. Firing both Destroyer bombs at its target, the scatter dice decided that Braxton would live to fight again. Both bombs completely missed the target.


The Seer Council made up its points value in an instant as it caused 11 wounds upon the heretic Varlak. Failing his last armour save, Varlak was slain in battle.


As the final turn ended, the Defending Forces had slain Warboss Razgob and Heretic Varlak, while the Attacking Forces had held the Outpost. Both Commander Braxton and Inquisitor Fortez survived the battle. The Power Node was contested by both sides. Forai Gate was held by neither Force.

Final Score: Defenders 2, Attackers 1


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