Sunday, September 6, 2009

Battle for Forai Gate: Turn 3

This is the turn where the Tau proved just how deadly they could be.

Defenders Turn 3


First of all, the Necron Destroyer Lord returned to life, passing his "We'll Be Back!" roll. The Monolith appeared in the City Square, imposing its hulk upon the Terminators. The Seer Counsil moved towards the other unit deeper in the city. The Pylon appeared at the city gates.

The last Gun Drone squadron Deep Striked in to counter the newly arrived Orks. When the Tigershark flew in, a Long Range Ack-Ack Strategic Asset forced it to disenguage. Kroot units outflanked on both sides, attempting to buy more time for us before the Orks reached the walls again. In a sneaky bid, the Necron Lord used Veil of Darkness to jump in with the Gun Drones and attack the Ork front lines, leaving onf the the tunnels undefended.


Of course, one side of the field was rendered moot when in all its glory, the Exuchor destroyed the Ork units on the right side of the table. ...It also hit the Kroot. Both units went to ground to attempt to lessen the damage. The Broadsides unleashed their weapons on the Stompa and managed to breach its last structure point, destroying it. Shadowsun and the Stealth Teams used their deadly Fusion Blasters to destroy the Battlewagon and the Dreadnaught on the left side. The Fire Warriors turned around on the wall to see the Terminators right below them, and after teaming up with the Monolith, destroyed the entire squad. The Seer Council used their Destructors to annihalate the other team.

The Gun Drones and Necrons attempt to deal a fatal blow to Razgob, but their shots cannot breach his mega armour.


Oh sweet blasphemy, the Tau are assaulting. The Kroot on the deep left side of the board engage the Ork Boyz and route them completely, losing only 3 of their numbers.

Farsight charged in and engaged the Gargant, and using the Dawn Blade, pierced its armour and dealt the final blow to it. Wrecked, the Gargant was permanently removed from the board.

Farsight in victory over the massive Ork war machine

The Tau, having personally wrecked 2 Super Heavies, 2 vehicles, 1 Terminator squad and a unit of Boyz, felt pretty good at this point in the battle.

Attackers Turn 3

It is at this point I have realized the Commander Braxton is not on the table. After pondering this question for a minute, I note the Imperial Valkyrie speeding out of the city gate. ...Clever girl....


AHHHH the enemy comes pouring through the undefended tunnel! Orks, Tyranids and...IS THAT HERATIC VARLAK?! Carnifexes begin to Mythic Assault around the city, but due to extraordinary luck, one unit mishaps and kills itself. The Hive Tyrant mishaps as well and is returned to reserves. With both sides out of reserves save for the Orks, the battle has reached the climax.


SURPRISE! Poor Varlak gets AMBUSHed as he enters the city, and all of his unit is destroyed. The strategic assets of the Eldar are continuing to be useful.

The Necron Warriors get a face full of Kill Cannon from the returned Battlewagon, killing nearly the entire unit. Da Vulcha drops its bombs and rockets again, killing one of my Fire Warrior units and damaging the Scorpion. Carnifexes attack our forces within and outside the gate, and one of my Crisis Teams are down. The Kroot become swarmed my Orks and are wiped out entirely.

In the depths of the city, the Orks and Tyranids fire upon the Eldar Jetbikes, dealing tremendous damage.


Snickrot assaults the lost of the Kroot, killing them. Is it me, or does it seem like we are the only ones doing the assaulting? It should really be the other way.

With time in our game day almost up, the next turn will be the decider in the battle. Currently Our forces have control over the Power Node and Forai Gate, whist the Ork mob has control of the Outpost. Neither side has killed any of the special characters (Commander Braxton and Inquisitor Fortez, and Warboss Razgob and Heretic Varlak).


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