Sunday, September 6, 2009

Battle for Forai Gate: Turn 2

Defenders Turn 2

The Eldar make use of one of their many strategic assets thanks to the battle formations they selected. With Careful Planning in effect, the entirety of the Eldar forces come onto the battlefield. Because of the special scenario rules, the Eldar all Deep Strike into the battlefield. The Revenant Titan, Aspect Warriors and the deadly Seer Council all position themselves to strike.
My Tau forces activate the Farstrike Battle formation and arrive at Forai Gate as well. The Broadsides take position on top of the gate, while the Crisis teams are mere inches away from the Ork hordes.


Farsight and Shadosun advance upon the enemy on their respective sides. Everyone else stays put, either because they are guarding a tunnel or they have just arrived on the scene.


The Crisis Suits make their points worth up immediately, destroying 2 full units of Boyz with their Flamers. The Fire Dragons open fire on the Gargant, dealing more punishment to the behemoth. The SCorpion fired on the Warhound Titan, and all manner of hell broke loose.

The Reactor on the Titan went nuclear. a devastating 22" blast went out, destroying almost the entire Ork mob. The blast came centimeters short of my own Crisis Suits, but the Eldar lost a Wave Serpent, the Avatar and nearly the Revenent Titan. The Ork Warboss Razgob (an killing objective this game for us) nearly bought it but was saved by his invulnerable save. The Stompa next to him suffered 3 structure points of damage and was otherwise utterly wrecked.

Shadowsun's Stealth contingeant disabled the Ork Battlewagon with the help of the Pathfinders Markerlights. The Broadsides managed to pick off the Chaos Defiler with their Rail Guns.


Farsight, along with the Deceiver, charged a group of Defkopters, destroying them utterly. The Fire Dragons engaged the Gargant, and with an impressive display of meltabombs, decimated all but one of the Gargant's structure points.

Attackers Turn 2


With all their equipment either obliterated or disabled, the Orks simply returned to the battlefield this turn. Coming out of the skies was the terrible Ork Vulcha, a heavy bomber with destroyer strength bombs! Also deep striking in were two units of Chaos Terminators and some outflanking Genestealers.


The Terminators opened fire and killed the Necron Destroyer Lord who had occupied the Chaos Warp Rift. The Gargant unleashed what weapons it retained on the walls, and Fortez had to duck once again. Neither side was proceeding in objectives so far. The Stompa opened fire with it's Supa Gattla and killed the Necron Deceiver. Farsight's unit was also hit but managed to dodge or deflect most of the bullets.

There would be great vengeance for this.

Da (the) Vulcha dropped its bombs and fired its rockets, damaging the Cobra, destroying a Fire Prism and destroying one of my Hammerhead Rail Guns :'(


With one structure point left, the Gargant dared not go against the Fire Dragons in combat once more. The Assault Phase was unused.

Farsight was seeing red after this turn, with the Gargant within his sights.


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