Thursday, September 3, 2009

Battle for Forai Gate: Turn 1

The game begins and our Necron ally announces the pressence of a Vortex Grenade. The Chaos Forces not only open up their warp rift, they also create 9 tunnels within the city walls!

Defenders Turn 1


The Forai Gate opens up to the enemy, revealing our potent tank formation. On the left side, Shadowsun, the Stealth Teams, Fire Warriors and the Pathfinders face a Battlewagon, Chaos Deadnaught and a Defiler. On the right, Farsight and his bodyguards, and also two teams of Gun Drones stare down the massive Gargant alongside Inquisitor Fortez and his Guard. The majority of our forces move out amongst the city to guard the tunnels and the Warp Rift.


The Tau Strategic Asset shows it's face as nearly every enemy unit is suddenly hit by a markerlight.

The Cobra unleashes hell upon the Gargant, attempting to suck it into the warp. Superficial damage is caused, along with a broken weapon. The Fire Dragons rush forward and fire with their melta weapons. A bit more damage is caused, but otherwise, the Gargant is still an imposing pressence. The Gun Drones manage to strike the Orks guarding the Gargant and nearly wipe them out.
On the other side of the walls, Shadowsun and the Stealth teams fire Fusion Blasters at the Battlewagon, but fail to breach it's armour. The Pathfinders use their Markerlights to rain down Seeker Missiles upon it, shaking the crew enough to render it useless next turn. In the middle of the battlefield, the gate defense guns fire at the Warhound Titan, breaking down the void shielding. Both Hammerheads and the Eldar Scorpion open fire and--thanks to markerlight guidance--deal 2 structure points of damage, rendering the titan inopperative. for the following turn.


The Stealth teams, Farsight and Shadowsun use their jump moves to edge ever closer to the enemy.

Attackers Turn 1


To say the least, a huge mob advanced closer to the gates, less than a tile (24") away from our defences. The Gargant Tank Shocked the Fire Dragons in front of it, but the Exarch went for Death or Glory and stunned the driver of the Gargant, halting it in it's massive tracks. Deffkopters flew in towards either tower of the gate, preparing to launch a massive assault.


The Orks ran further up the field as Razgob stood watching his Waaargh. The Gargant unleashed its potent arsenal upon the Fire Dragons, destroying the unit. Fortez had to duck to avoid the fire on the Right wall sections. Thankfully, Orks have little shooting to do, being Orks. :)


No Assaults this turn. We sit and wait for our impending doom. Akenseth believes us to be overrun by Orks next turn. I have other plans.

The Orks are right in front of Forai Gate as we begin Turn 2. ...Perfect.


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