Monday, August 31, 2009

Upcoming Apocalypse Battle: Forai Gate

*gulp* This is the gigantic Apocalypse game we're about to play. Both sides are gearing up for a long day of gaming, and I'm no exception...only I haven't a clue which side I'll be fighting for yet! Confusion ensues as I try to come up with tactics for both sides of this chaotic battle.

Check out the video for an extended take on the pre-battle.

Expect the battle report to arrive later this week due to editting time. Until then, expect me to post some pictures of the army throughout the week.

Swords of the Vior'la - Introduction

"Vior'la. A sept long divorced from the main ruling of the Tau Empire. Their hot heads and quick tempers set them apart from their brothers, prefering direct combat to the ranged tactica of the rest of their race. The Vior'la sept now sits at the fringe of the Empire's space, led by Shas'O Shovah, Commander Farsight, as he battles Orks, Imperials and xenos alike with his formidable Dawn Blade."

Welcome to Swords of the Vior'la, a blog dedicated to the exploits of my Farsight-themed army. If you've been to before, you've already had some glimpses of my army in action, but now it's been given a rehaul for the better. Here you'll see battle reports centered around a mechanized/hybrid Tau army, experimental aggressive tactica and model construction tips Battlesuits and various other Tau models.

Alot of my army is themed off of the Vior'la Sept and Commander Farsight. I carry a vast number of Battlesuits in my army and plan to give Farsight's 8-man unit a fielding in some upcoming battles. This is the eight Swords of the Vior'la. I do, however, have other units such as Commander Shadowsun and Kroot Carnivore Squads which I do enjoy using when I haven't brought O'Shovah along. All my forces come together for Apocalypse (bless the disregarded force organization chart) to bring about a force of reckonning.

As luck would have it, we're about to have gigantic Apocalypse battle this Tuesday (that's tomorrow!) with our 40k group here, so stay tuned for a preview take on that from me and be sure to check out the advanced details on Akenseth's blog, and be sure to check in for showcases of the Vior'la Sept's forces.

The Greater Good will not corrupt us!

We are the Swords of the Vior'la!

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