Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Crossing the Warp Rift...

To those of you who also follow Akenseth's blog, you're already aware of what I'm about to talk about. For those of you who don't, firstly, start doing so, and secondly....

Yes, I have Space Marines. Don't everyone freak out, I'm still playing Tau as my main force of destruction across the galaxy. I was simply in the mood to paint something different, and, well, some Marines happened across me. I said to myself "Meh, why not?" So now I'm running two armies of very differing natures, and we'll see where this takes things. Expect me to have alot to say from now on about Marine tactica, what works well for AND against them, and yes...I will continue to talk about the Tau. I have not abandoned them and have no intention to do so. In fact, I plan to use these new Marines as target practice. These new Marines are going to take on a Dark Angels look, but I'll be using the basic Codex Chapter rules for them. ...This won't stop me from using biker squads in games, though. Expect to see more from the "Storm Hawks" in future updates!



Death to the Mon-Keigh!

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