Sunday, May 30, 2010

Going Green

That's right. The Tau are going environmental!

...Wait, what?

No, the Tau are getting a new paint job, which unfortunately means I have to wait for paints, and also I have to chage the name of this blog, because hey, I can't be the Swords of Vior'la when I've got a bunch of green Tau! Just doesn't fit, ya know? So me and the fireboys are hopping on an Orca and shipping off to the boonies, where there's gonna be some peace and quite for me to paint things and put together all the new fun stuff. Until then, I'll be posting every so often on Akenseth's blog, making comments on battles or offering up my opinion. After the Tau get on their feet (probably looking at at least a month) I can put up the new site, which will be...

Tau of the Twin Moons

Yeah, anyone who's read the page in the Tau Codex about the planets in the Empire knows that I'm talking about D'yanoi, the rustic planet with two moons casting the planet in perpetual twilight. Given a new branch of tactics I've been working with (and the new paint scheme) I thought it would be the best place to set up camp.

Well, until next time, I have tanks to paint and a Manta to assemble...


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